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 My Music 


My earliest memory's of music are from the Moroccan synagogue on Friday evening. i remember a wave of sound made by all those men sweeping me like I was a wave in the ocean.

the day after it was Saturday's comedy shows on t.v and i was fascinated about music and its ability to be both holly and funny, majestic and common,familiar and mysterious every time we listen. 


Located in the outskirts of Jerusalem, I've found my creative sweet spot in the paradox of holly and direct relation to the holly i have founded "zaaluk", a band that was created to revive lost Haketiya women's songs from the ancient Jewish community of Spanish Morocco. as a musician, pure music was always abstract to me, i wanted the story, the movement, the drama that came along. so i discovered my self as a street performer that uses music, improvised text and movement. 

at first i was composing music for my own shows, each time for a new character I've created, a gypsy clown named nemechek or a vegabound spoonman. after a while i started composing and producing music for others, the processes still amazes me. giving my music to other creative souls who breath new life to it and create their vision with my art inside is mindbowing.


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