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Zaaluk - a trans Mediterranean and North African band creating a spicy groove from Spanish Morocco with virtuoso music and mesmerizing singing directed straight to the heart and hips.

Zaaluk is offering a sensational and unique musical experience. Zaaluk revives lost Haketiya women's songs from the ancient Jewish community of Spanish Morocco. These age-old melodies are revived with a contemporary approach inspired by Andalusian, North African, and Balkan musical traditions.


Zaaluk, which refers to a local  Moroccan salad, captures the group’s multi-cultural essence. a blend of musicians from diverse origins who play a variety of instruments -

electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussion, powerful vocals and more.


Through their spellbinding guitar, deep beats, and mesmerizing voice, Zaaluk takes you into their journey breaking boundaries of time and geography to fill audiences with endless dance and celebration.


Contact Us - 0544517298

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